Leg Avenue Faux Garter Look Pantyhose ($10)

At Sock Dreams, we try to test all new products on as many employees as we can. So today I thought I’d give a little visual comparison of myself and a fellow Dreamer in the same style of pantyhose, a standard ‘one size fits most’ style with a weight range of 90-160lb. I’m just about 5’ and at the higher end of the weight range, whereas my fellow model is 5’10 and at the lower end. We’re both completely opposite body types, so it’s fun taking pictures together to really highlight the range of fit—especially in tights!

For a little more technical info, these fit comfortably at 40” hips with a 31” waist, and up to 23” in the thigh. The wider your tights, the wider the faux garters will be—we found they were about 2-3 inches wide on inseams from 32 to 29 inches. Like most hose, these fit curvy or leggy folks best, not both. As always, you can email us at orders@sock-dreams.com with your measurements if you have any questions!

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    I love that the folks I work with are all so wonderful and fun to photograph.
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