Sock Dreams Costume Contest is now closed! Thank you to all who entered!

How to Enter:

Submit a photo of yourself in your Dreamiest Halloween costume between 22 October and midnight (PST) 03 November. Tell us a little about your outfit! Who are you? What socks are you wearing? What was your inspiration?


Costumes must contain items bought from Sock Dreams! We don’t want to see another company’s socks—it’s one thing to cheat on us, guys, but it’s another to throw it in our faces. :’(

You do not have to have a tumblr account to enter!

Your email address must be provided in your submission. We will not publish your private info, but we do need it to send you your gift code should you win.

Submissions must be in by midnight (PST) on 03 November, or you will not be eligible to win (though we will still post your photo…).

Keep in mind that everyone is going to see your costume, so please submit your best photos.

Please keep photos family-friendly. Any sexually obscene, racist, violent or otherwise offensive entries will be deleted. We understand that sometimes Halloween costumes can get a bit gross, but please keep it as mild as you can for the contest.


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By entering this contest you give us permission to post your photograph and likeness on tumblr and our other social media sites, as well as on our main website. This contest isn’t administered, sponsored, or endorsed by Tumblr in any way. Any information submitted is provided to Sock Dreams, and not to Tumblr in any way.

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