Yesterday was a busy day! Periscope Studio was kind enough to let us come in and take some quick shots for our Emerald City Comicon promotion—and some of their talent also donated books for a to-be-announced giveaway! Keep watching our social media to find out how to win!

Are you coming up to ECCC? Sock Dreams will be vending (with discounted convention prices, and a special collectable sticker!) at table 102, and Periscope Studio will be at space 2621/2627! Stop in and say hello to them, and then come get your socks from us!


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    I am super stoked that I get to come see these socks! (This is a ridiculous thing to be stoked about) Also if anyone...
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    Yaaaay! I am so glad (and not surprised) that Periscope Studio was so sweet to my Zafkins and so photogenic.
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    Sock dreams is the best place for socks on this planet. Do not be fooled otherwise.
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    I am so proud of this. I have no idea how I got it done in between other work today. There may have been tears. But...
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    Anna! Let’s get some socks!
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    I know at least two of my followers are going to ECCC. There will be socks!!!!