I’m back from representing Sock Dreams at the 2013 Emerald City Comicon! What a wild, busy weekend it was! With other 70k people packed tightly into the Seattle Convention Center, there was always someone new to bump into (quite literally at times!). We were pleasantly surprised to discover that Echo Chernik, the talented lady who designed our logo, was also at ECCC! Check her out modelling our Dreamer and Seattle knee highs above.

Our giveaway with Periscope Studio was a roaring success, with our three winners (above, bottom row) scrambling to get their photos taken with Periscope’s talented writers and artists. Congratulations, guys! If you’re curious about what we gave away, here’s a list with links:

Attendees also got an exclusive Sock Dreams bookmark and sticker. Didn’t get to go? Well, we’ve got some good news: we have a limited amount of our special edition logo sticker featuring a purple D20! Please specify that you would like the ECCC sticker in your next order; first come, first serve!

We’ll be seeing you next year, Emerald City! Stay tuned for more info on that…


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    I want to go to ECCC so badly! My favorite artist giveaway their comics with Socks and it’s magic and there’s unicorn’s....
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    Oh man, I bought SO many socks at the Sock Dreams booth this year and I’m delighted to have donated my books for their...
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