Last week we had a special guest visit us at Sock Dreams: glitter-loving, up and coming lifestyle blogger Latanya Rene, of Sprinkles and Booze blog! We fell in love with her writing style, frank honesty (check out her awesome entry on criticism vs critique), and mission statement:

In this lifestyle blog, you will go on a whimsical adventure that is full of vibrant colors and silly advice.  Sprinkles and Booze promotes self love, nerd pride, and a love for finding the beauty in ordinary things. You will read about one girl’s journey towards her dream career in the creative industry.

My personal goal is to make people aware that it’s okay to not ‘fit in’. I am that girl that walks around with a Coach bag full of comic books and Elle magazines. We are complex and this is what makes us lovely and defines us.

Always be you because you are beautiful.

She was, as you can imagine, a whole heap of fun to meet with! And drop-dead gorgeous. A photograph can’t fully capture how full of life and fun this gal is. Just look at her—she’s cute as can be in that petticoat, a pair of Extraordinarily Longer Stripes, and Sweet Peas scrunched down over top. We introduced her to the amazingness of the Suspender Clip Industrial Garter Belt (we both agree: it’s a life-changer).

Thank you, Latanya, for brightening up our day! We hope your Portland visit was full of unicorns and glitter.


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