Professional Fishnet Tights by Leg Avenue!

Do you remember Leg Avenue’s Showgirl tights, with the great little cotton lining on the feet? We were heartbroken when Leg Avenue discontinued them—until we realised that they were making something even better.

These now come in three colours, three sizes, and with larger cotton soles to pull up over your toes!

Please see our Sizing Tips on the product page for fit information.  Remember, fishnet is stretchy stuff and it stretches both up and down and around, so there is forgiveness in the sizing ranges. But we want you want to be comfortable. We’ve tried to convey the sizing range to the best of our abilities, but you can always drop us a line with your measurements for more precise help!


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    Oh, these look very nice! I don’t own many fishnet tights because they’re uncomfortable on my feet, but now I might...
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    I love these. So much. I could wear the heck out of those.
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    These are sweet!
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